2016 Winner Staenberg Anything Grant
In response to the recent vandalism at another Jewish cemetery here in St. Louis:
New Mt. Sinai Cemetery takes the security at our cemetery very seriously. We have multiple security cameras at the entrance to the cemetery, and we are just up the street from the 3rd Precinct of the County Police Department. Officers from the precinct are in our cemetery almost every night, so we feel very safe here. Plus, our Superintendent lives on the grounds 24/7 and he keeps an eye on everything after business hours. So rest assured--your loved ones are safe and secure here at New Mt. Sinai.

Historically Significant & Architecturally Crafted

                                  New Mt. Sinai Cemetery Founded 1850                                 

Experience History

For more than 160 years, New Mt. Sinai Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri has provided Jewish families with a time-honored final resting place for their loved ones. In this cemetery are buried many men and women who have contributed greatly to the Jewish Community, including rabbis, cantors, philanthropists, business leaders, political figures, and veterans from every major conflict since the Mexican-American War in 1846.

We would like to welcome you to explore the over 52 acres of beautifully maintained grounds and learn more about the architecture and historical significance of New Mt. Sinai Cemetery. For directions or more information, please contact us today.

Exceptional Services

New Mt. Sinai Cemetery offers a full range of burial and perpetual care services for individuals and families, as well as a beautiful 200-seat climate-controlled Chapel for funeral services. Additionally, our website offers extensive genealogy research results through our Burial Records from 1850 to present day.