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Quarterly Special Offerings

                                            QUARTERLY PROPERTY SPECIALS AT NEW MT. SINAI                                             

Aleph Section

Our newest section at New Mt. Sinai is our “Aleph” Section. This is a cremation-only portion of the oldest area in the cemetery—near the old front gate. These single graves are 2’ x 2’, and the price includes the stone and the inscription. Through the end of this quarter, Aleph Section graves are 25% off!


Lots 6A, 6B, 6C, Section H

Located in one of the oldest and most beautiful portions of New Mt. Sinai, these are 3 lots of 7 graves across, perched up on a hill with a wonderful panorama of the entire cemetery. Formerly one large 21-grave lot, this is now 3 7-grave lots, each available at 30% off their listed price.  Purchase all 3 lots at 40% off!!


Glass-fronted niches, Community Mausoleum

Niches in our Mausoleum are for placement of cremated remains in cast bronze urns.  Purchase any of our glass-fronted niches this quarter and receive 20% off the listed price! There are niches in all 6 wings of our Mausoleum, and there are a limited number of double niches in the original 2 wings in the front portion of the building.